Let’s face it – there are a lot of people out there who claim that they are the “best” at this, that, or the other thing. But how many of them can prove it? We think we’re the best choice out there, and we’re not afraid to tell you exactly why.

Higher Recovery Rate

Many forwarding companies boast a recovery rate of somewhere between 30-40%. That means for every ten accounts you assign, you’ll recover three. That seems pretty low, doesn’t it? So far this year, C.A.R.S. has averaged a recovery rate right around 60%. That’s almost twice the amount of vehicles recovered. That’s just strictly based on numbers – it doesn’t even take into account the level of service you’ll get from us.

No Contracted Employees

All C.A.R.S. employees are exactly that – C.A.R.S. employees. We do not and will not work with contractors. We believe that having our own employees is better for many reasons: we train them, ensure they are licensed, track their movements, make sure they have proper equipment…the list goes on. By forgoing the use of contractors, we are able to provide a better level of service to you.

Personalized Service

Every account you assign to C.A.R.S. will receive a dedicated account manager who will closely monitor the progress of the repossession. He or She will make a personal effort to call or e-mail you (whichever you prefer) with regular updates, and also will make a point to be there if you have any questions. Our staff is highly trained, and many have more than ten years of repossession experience. This dedicated service is one of the big ways we stand out from other companies, who you can’t even reach on the phone.

Specialized Skip Team

All of our account specialists are trained in skip work, but we have an additional team whose sole responsibility is the tough skips. They dedicate all their time to the hard-to-find accounts, and aren’t afraid of a little hard work. We’ve been able to find collateral that other companies had given up on months prior!

Agent Areas

Our team of agents aren’t just running willy-nilly all around Southern California – we’ve divided them up and given each of them a specialized area that they know very well. They know all the entrances to apartment complexes, they know the names of security guards, they know the back alleys and the side streets. Because they drive these streets every day, they are able to spot details that other agents unfamiliar with the area would not – maybe a new car in the driveway, a different name on a directory, a business closing down. What seems like a minor detail could be a major hint as to where your collateral is.

Fraud Specialists

Fraud and theft are becoming more and more common – we’re seeing it come up frequently, especially on those high-dollar loans. We have a long relationship with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Taskforce for Regional Autotheft Prevention (T.R.A.P.). For many years, we’ve helped recover vehicles that were part of chop shops, being shipped overseas, or collateral in identify theft rings. We’ve got the expertise here that no one else can offer.

Nationwide Network of Agents

The area covered by C.A.R.S. is pretty expansive – we’ve got pretty much all of Southern California under our belt. But let’s say you have a debtor who’s skipped town: up to San Francisco, out to Vegas, or even as far as Florida. We’ve got a network of companies we work closely with, who we’ve done all the due diligence on to make sure that they can offer the same dedicated and professional service as C.A.R.S. Should your collateral be out of our coverage area, we can find it, and we’ve got someone who will get it back for you.

These are just a few of the reasons why we think we’re the best repossession company in Southern California. Are you ready to give us a try?

Try the Best!

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